Gennady Vladimirov (aka Moonsugar, Session-2207, Clarity Control, Henri Feuillade, Программа Умерщвления Т-4)

My Biography

Who am I??? It’s very hard question… A musician, a composer, a criticist, a pianist? Yes, maybe… More correct to say I’m there are between these three ways. My musical career was began at 1999th onto the wave of totally occupation by Russian Rock after movies Brother 1 and Brother 2 (with Sergey Bodrov jr.) was been released. We had started with Dmitry Kolobkov and Mikhail Yaskin as trivial Jazz/Punk Rockers, but this idea was not liveable. Next time I have said “Fuck the rock’n’roll” and try my personal experiments with sound. Idea to start personal career was inspirated by taking special musical education. I have understood for myself Symphonical music had lambent past, but have no future because commercialization of culture kills good ideas. Where is politics and commerce there are no more culture. I don’t pretend to world-glorification! I just want to let humans thinking about their environment, about themselves, about their life. Maybe sometimes I bring fear by my music, but… it’s a method to stop humans which always in a hurry. Traditional methods impossible here. Thus, my choice is obliviously: Avantgarde genres. My scenical pseudoname is Moonsugar, I’m composing Electroacoustical Avantgarde melodies which remains Drone/Ritual/Industrial Ambient also I create Fortepiano pieces (education is able to do this). I’m always open for collaborations if idea seems well for my opinion. Please feel free to ask your questions to my E-mail gennadymoonsugar(at)gmail(dot)com. I never proclaimed satanism, nationalism or another destructive phylosophy like suicide, hate, misanthropy etc. I really suffer when I see tortures: morally, soul and physical. I wanna cry when see loneliness of little human between the swarm of people. I really cannot understand malice to children. I really cannot understand violation to animals. I really cannot understood when stronger is beating weaker. I really cannot understand when human want only take but not give back. By my music I tell you about my misunderstandings and about things which I cannot and don’t want to understand. My Electroacoustical music is only demonstrating how YOU MUST NOT TO DO. This is my imperative!!! Why even so into my fortepipiano works almost all humans is watching touch of evil? I didn’t thought about one. I painted by sounds romantic ambient landscapes and passages of senses like love, grief, friendship, belief, hope, pleasure and awaiting for miracle. At last, I send messages of sympathy by my piano works. I’m more romantical there… Or I’m playing pieces of my favourite composers… There are no reasons for me to offend or make damage somebody. I respect each of you. And if you feel yourself offended by me, just say about and I will make all possible to close conflict.


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